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The Ottoman

In a world ruled by a flourishing Ottoman Empire, a hotshot mecha pilot suffers a crisis of nerves as he prepares to face the dreaded Scorpion Rider in gladiatorial combat.

With a visual style inspired by French comics of the 1970s, and a dieselpunk North African setting, this celshaded animated short is being developed by an international team of designers and animators. The project will have a booth at the upcoming CTN Expo, and is planning a Kickstarter campaign in November.

More about the project:

Ring of Glass

A visual-novel/adventure game set in a cyberpunk world of cyborgs, hackers and bike couriers, Ring of Glass follows the exploits of Declan Gage, a freelance hacker trying desperately to clear his name after he's imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. His search for the truth eventually takes him to an underwater Chinatown, a vacuum-train from Tokyo to Singapore, and a place called the Iron Triangle.

The game is being developed in Unity3D, for iOS, Windows and Mac. A playable demo should be online by the end of the summer.

Production blog:

Prevent Default

A podcast about breaking the web, this conversational two-man show, hosted by Mike Stamm and Ben Cortes, covers all manner of hacks and cutting-edge tools for web development.

The podcast is in development as is expected to debut at the end of August 2015.

The Automan's Daughter

A spinoff of the Ottoman animated short, The Automan's Daughter follows the adventures of Aisha Osman, the daughter of the Ottoman from the original film. In her quest to prove herself as a mechanic, Aisha joins forces with a disgraced former mecha fighter to challenge the French Mecha Athletic League and their champion, the Widowmaker.

The weekly comic is expected to launch in the fall.


Ebon is an animated series about rash of mysterious slayings among a community of vampires. After narrowly escaping her own execution, Ebon goes on a rampage, forcing a disgraced cop to join her obsessive manhunt. As the pair track down the killer, they clash with secret societies, corrupt police and the Catholic church.

The project was begun as a celshaded series of animated shorts, but technical limitations ground the work to a halt. Too expensive to produce in animated form today, the series is being re-tooled for a web/print comic run.